Sweet Potato Buns

Here is a fun little breakfast treat from Lexi’s Clean Kitchen, another great blog with amazing recipes! I’m now trying to avoid all grains, not just wheat/gluten, and one thing I really miss  is sandwiches! Especially a nice breakfast sandwich. So when this recipe popped up on my screen, it totally caught my eye.  I had to try it.
I tweaked it a bit, of course, but that is the beauty of cooking food yourself–you can do whatever you damn well please, thank you. I used arugula, tomato, avocado and scrambled eggs for my sammie and I’m not gonna lie, it was super messy to eat but SO delish. I think if I could have made the ‘buns’ crispier, it might have been easier to eat like a sandwich. No matter, a fork worked perfectly.  So go here for the recipe and really beautiful pictures of  Sweet Potato Buns. Stay here for a second and see how mine came out…..Not as pretty in pictures, but oh, so tasty.

sweet pot
Tada! Looks like toast…





Duck Fat and More

IMG_1819     I love this stuff. After finding out about my dairy intolerance, I have been on the search for a safe fat to cook with.  I love coconut oil but I sometimes want something that has the similar warm, rich taste of butter for cooking. I have known about the benefits of different animal fats for awhile now, just finally got around to trying duck and chicken fat in 2013. YES. You read that right. I said benefits of animal fats. The truth is our bodies need healthy fats to function properly and animal fats happen to be a stable source to use for cooking. Not to mention they are delicious, satisfying and add a certain depth to your meals like no other.
    The big problem is that we have been mislead. There are many oils people are using to cook with that are simply not safe when heated and some not good to ingest at all. The no-no’s include canola oil, corn oil, safflower oil, and vegetable oil and heaven help us all…..any type of margarine. These oils are extremely processed usually with harsh chemicals and heat. They are most often made from genetically modified ingredients and are hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated which creates harmful trans fatty acids. Basically putting these into your body equals a small machete hacking away at your arteries….OUCH.
    Here are some good articles that explain more about different kinds of fats and oils, benefits of fats to our health and also the crazy processing that occurs with commercial vegetable oils. Don’t just walk away from your computer now, for the sake of your health- READ THESE!!



Oh, and for sure don’t skip this one. This Doc is a real hottie……


Equally as unhealthy as hydrogenated and partially hydrogenated oils,  are oils that have gone rancid. Good oils for cooking are the more saturated types because they are more chemically stable and less prone to rancidity when heated.  Some options are coconut oil, palm oil, and animal fats like duck fat, butter or ghee. Oils like extra virgin olive oil, unrefined sunflower oil,  and flax seed oil are best for drizzling over foods and should not be heated. They are unstable oils and can become rancid with heat and light. This means more free radicals for your poor body to deal with. Stop it now!

Here is a guideline of what to look for when choosing your fats and oils:

  • first pressed or cold pressed
  • unrefined
  • dark colored glass jars
  • organic and/or non-genetically modified
  • some oils, like flax seed or fish oils should always be refrigerated

And when searching for animal fats, the key words to look for are fats rendered from grass-fed or pastured animals, organic and hormone-free. I am lucky to live in Portland, Oregon and I can find these at local grocery stores and farmer’s markets. Search around your markets, start with the meat department or try asking local farmers in your area. Good luck and happy eating!



For the love of food….

love food

Welcome to my new and improved blog! It’s all about sharing food ideas, thoughts, pictures, recipes and experiments. I am here to show you that unprocessed, whole foods really can be delicious.  I have cut dairy and gluten (and most grains) out of my life, so I’m learning new ways to cook and eat. It’s a transition, for sure.

I spend a lot of my free time in my kitchen. And I’m one of those cheesy people who take pictures of my food. It’s my creative outlet. I love to eat and love the feeling I get when eating something wholesome. I am a nutritional therapy practitioner and believe in whole foods and traditional methods of preparation. I use organic produce, grass-fed meat and pastured eggs, as much as possible. I usually have a gallon of kombucha brewing,  jars of cultured veggies lined up on the counter and another jar of something sprouting. My kitchen looks like a science project, seriously.  I have to admit that I am really bad at following recipes, so I use them as a guideline, if I use them at all.  So anything I post on here is most likely going to use approximate measurements, just sayin’.  More soon, enjoy!