Soaking Nuts, Seeds, Legumes, and Grains…

Why soak your nuts and seeds?  Because this is what our ancestors used to do to make grains, legumes, nuts and seeds more digestible! These items all contain elements that prevent or disrupt the proper digestion and absorption of nutrients. It is a plant-based defense-mechanism designed by nature to protect the seed or grain of a plant from predators. (You and your digestive system!)

The problem is that if we eat too much of these foods (like daily),  it can wreak havoc on the digestive system and lead to impaired function. This means decreased ability to break down and absorb nutrients from anything you eat.

If you cannot prepare your grains, nuts, legumes and seeds this way, then it’s best to only eat occasionally and avoid altogether if you have any known digestive or autoimmune issues.

I found this handy little chart in some of my nutritional therapy handouts. Germination is the soaking time, just using filtered water. Sprouting time is if you want to get crazy and grow some sprouts right in your very own kitchen. See my previous blog post for instructions! Click here–> SPROUTS! 


One Reply to “Soaking Nuts, Seeds, Legumes, and Grains…”

  1. Hey Alli! Love this post. I have a few questions!
    – should the water be changed during the soaking process for better results?
    – how long can soaked nuts be safely kept? Should they be refrigerated after soaking if not immediately consumed?
    – can I assume this is specifically for raw nuts?
    – brown rice is also high in phytic acid. Do you know if soaking is helpful in this case as well? Any ideas on how cooking time would change?

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