The Amazing Digestive System

You may have checked out the fancy chart from my last post and now you’re wondering what the hell it means if you’re not getting Type 4’s and 5’s everyday and if it really is that big of a deal. The answer is a big, fat ‘YES’. Or maybe it’s a long skinny ‘yesssss’. Either way, your body is trying to tell you something. Are you listening?

Digestion is a major foundation of health. It is the process of breaking down food into smaller components so that the nutrients can be absorbed and used by our cells. Every cell of our body depends on a properly functioning digestive system for energy, growth, and repair. The digestive process includes the mechanical and chemical breakdown of food, the absorption of nutrients into the bloodstream, the assimilation of these nutrients by cells and the elimination of waste products.  It is a north to south process and if anywhere along the line things go wrong, the rest of the system won’t work properly. This means less than optimal health and function for your body!

Some things that can cause our digestive systems to not work properly are:

  • not chewing enough
  • eating too fast or too much
  • eating when under stress
  • food allergies and sensitivities
  • consuming a low fat diet, poor quality fats, and highly processed foods
  • low stomach acid and/or pancreatic enzymes

All these things can lead up to your poo not coming out quite right. It has been said that all disease begins in the gut. All the more reason to become aware of the signs your body is giving you and start taking action.

Do yourself a favor this week. Sit down, take your time and enjoy your meals. Chew your food and don’t dilute your stomach acid and enzymes by “washing” your food down with gulps of water. Stop eating when you feel satisfied and choose fresh, colorful whole foods. If you try this and you still don’t feel quite right, think about visiting a nutritional therapist or ND for some guidance. Your whole body will thank you!