OH, YES. This is a subject that has been a little too much in my life this past 24 hours. I caught some kind of bug and I’m not gonna lie, it has been ROUGH. I don’t get sick like this much, so I’m kind of a baby. I also tend to feel guilty:  (a) about not “getting things done” and  (b) calling out sick to work. (Anyone else do that? Geez, never mind that I’m probably contagious and no one wants me to be around them anyways…)

Also, since Portland had that e. Coli-in-the-water-supply-scare last week, of course, my mind was imagining the worst. “Yep, I forgot and brushed my teeth. And I’m pretty sure I drank straight out of the Brita without boiling.” and  “OH my god, I’m the one in one million people who actually got it!” To ease my mind, I spoke to a medical person who reassured me that it probably was just a flu bug. And, ok, I am feeling much better. I’ve been eating my BRAT diet, (bananas, apple sauce, rice, gf toast) without the rice and with the addition of homemade bone broth. And I’m working on rehydrating. I have been alternating water, rooibos tea, coconut water, and beet kvass and kombucha. Mixin’ it up a little because water is tasting so boring to me right now….

Anyways, as I was lying here recovering on the couch, I thought to myself… what a perfect time to break out the ol’ poop blog post! I have been saving this little gem for the perfect time, because I think it’s good stuff. I mean everyone should know how their poop stacks up! It can give big insight into your overall digestive health. Check out this handy-dandy POOP CHART for everything you need know about a healthy poo poo. I know this isn’t the sexiest of topics, but it is one of my favorites. Besides everybody poops. Even girls. 😉