Here is a fun little project that only takes a couple minutes each day. Such little effort and super inexpensive with a huge reward! Here’s all you need: 

Day 1
Day 3

A large jar

Thin piece of fabric and rubber band

Any seed that will sprout: alfalfa, mustard, clover, sunflower, etc. 
(I found a bag of sprouting seed mix at New Seasons in Portland in the produce section for $6, that lasted me months…)

Add a couple tablespoons of seeds to the jar, fill with filtered water and soak overnight. Next day, pour water out, cover with the fabric and set it on the counter out of the way. Rinse the seeds twice a day, making sure to get most of the water out of the jar. Be prepared to be amazed how fast these suckers grow! When you are satisfied with the size of the sprouts, place in a sunny area for a day to green up the leafy parts. Store in the refrigerator in the same jar. I feel they keep better when they can breathe with the fabric instead of a lid. Enjoy in salads, on scrambled eggs or just create a sprout salad with them. Perfect for when you run out of greens. Delicious and nutritious!

Day 7 (tada!)
Sprouts with cucs and avocado, sea salt, oil and vinegar

Return from the Abyss…..And NO FRUIT!

I have been slacking on the blogging scene these past few weeks.  Life has been crazy busy and I just found out that I am FRUIT intolerant! Seriously. I have been in a little bit of a daze and completely preoccupied with finding out more information. Which there is not much, I’m afraid…

I think I’ve mentioned that my bff, Leah is fruit intolerant also. She is the one who prompted me to go in to her ND for some help.  And I know it’s hard to believe that two besties have the same intolerance, the doc could hardly believe it herself. I guess fruit intolerance is a bit rare. Had it not actually been a blood test, I probably would not be as accepting. On the positive side, I have wrapped my brain around this thanks to Leah and I have been accommodating her when I whip things up in the kitchen! So I feel like I’m already a step ahead. 

The most difficult part so far, is the reaction I get from other people. They are skeptical and don’t buy it. They think I will get scurvy. They offer alternative solutions for me, like “maybe just don’t drink so much wine and you’ll be fine”. (That definitely would have helped. But my days of wine drinking are over…*sigh*) I have had annoying symptoms of chronic inflammation for years that I would like to be rid of before they lead to bigger problems. I had self diagnosed myself as gluten sensitive and avoiding gluten seemed to help, but not completely. Inflammation leads to degenerative disease and I am going to do what I can now to prevent that. I’ve agreed to give this a good three month try. One of my goals this year was to be “ridiculously healthy”, so I’m excited to see what happens!

 What does this mean, as far as diet, you might ask? Well, no fruit, duh. But there are a lot of foods that we don’t think of as fruit. These include olives, coconut, cashews, cardomom, cloves, and nutmeg. Then there are preservatives like citric acid which is all over the place.  Another part is that fruit intolerant people can’t do grains and potato within 4 hours and it turns out potato is in EVERYTHING! All low fat dairy products use potato derivatives as filler. (Hello, full fat dairy!) Enriched white flours, Vitamin A palmitate, MSG, guar gum, xantham gum, yeast and nutritional yeast all contain or are processed with potato. Even the supplements I was taking contain potato derivatives in the capsules and fruit-sourced Vitamin C. Dumb potatoes, I don’t even like them much anyways!

The wonderful news is that I can still have tomatoes, avocados and melon. YAY! And technically, I can have gluten. I still believe gluten is not the healthiest option, so will keep that to a minimum.  I did not let that stop me from running out and trying a fine Belgian ale though, yum. It’s been SO long! Ok, enough of the mini novel. More fun food stuff to come, promise!!

Turkey Burger Salad!

Hello! I have been MIA for a few days, sorry! Maybe it’s because I didn’t do so well on my sugar detox and now I’m hiding out…….Aw, well. I will keep trying. My thought is that this is something I want to incorporate more into my life, rather than just do it for a week. So there are bound to be ups and downs, right? 

I now want to share what I had for dinner last night. (And lunch. And dinner the night before…) It was so easy and tasty! In my haste to prepare this, I forgot to take any pics until after I took a few bites. Oops.

Turkey Patties:
1/2 lb Ground turkey
1 bunch chopped green onion 
handful of fresh parsley
1 cup chopped spinach
1 egg
sea salt/black pepper

Todd’s Famous Salad: 
(So simple and delicious….)
chopped romaine lettuce
a s*** ton of chopped onions
apple cider vinegar (or any kind really)
olive oil or unrefined sunflower oil
sea salt
handful of parsley or kale or any other green (ok, this was my addition!)

Combine everything and mix with your clean hands. This is messy and oh, so fun….Go ahead and add anything else that tickles your fancy like grated carrots, jalapenos, fresh herbs, etc.  Then shape into a patty and cook on your stove top with a little coconut or sesame oil. This recipe has no grain, so it doesn’t hold together super well. For me that was ok since it’s on a salad and doesn’t really matter if it breaks up a bit.  You just have to keep shaping it and pressing it down while cooking and it will hold.  Mix up the salad fixins and add the burger and voila! Happiness.