An image of Allison Kirley, author of Sexy Real Food

Hello and welcome to my blog! My name is Allison and I love real food. I often find myself often in my kitchen making some kind of concoction or experiment. It’s my happy place! Before I know it,  hours have passed and I have delicious food for my week. Cooking and eating food that I’ve made is super gratifying, especially if it looks pretty : )  I love that I know exactly what is in the foods I’m eating, unlike when going out to a restaurant.  Ever notice how things taste better and how good you feel when someone cooks for you? Nothing in the world compares to mom’s lasagne! It’s because each dish is most likely infused with lots of LOVE. Nourishing our bodies is truly a way to love others and love yourself.

I am a nutritional therapy practitioner, massage therapist, yogi, self-taught kitchenista. I really enjoy sharing my experiences of healthy cooking and wellness. I hope to inspire people to eat real food, get into their kitchens and start cooking!

In health, Allison